Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Why Teens Are More Susceptible to Acne ?

There are three major reasons why modern teens have a profound tendency to develop severe cases of acne. I’ve already covered the first one in some detail and so I will just mention it here very briefly. This refers to Nature sending all the nutrition required by the testes and the ovaries during the teen years to insure there will be adequate sexual maturation in order to guarantee the perpetuation of the species

In cases where the diet does not have enough of the important micro nutrients, such as Vitamin A and Vitamin
B-2 to insure the conversion of the basic cholesterol molecule to both sex hormones and healthy oil for the skin, the sex hormones will win and the skin will suffer.

The second major factor is that the typical teenager’s diet consists primarily of processed foods which are
woefully deficient in the basic micro nutrients required to create both hormones and healthy skin, thus their
diet is setting them up to have skin that is going to be nutritionally deprived and highly prone to develop severe

The third major factor is the modern teenage diet which is terribly out of balance with regard to the macro
nutrients of fat, protein and carbohydrate. The diet of the average American, let alone just teens, is drastically in favor of excess simple carbohydrates. This factor, more than any other, when taken in combination with the above two factors guarantees that teens will have severe acne.

Worse still, it also guarantees that as time goes by, a lot of other even more severe, dreadful and life shortening problems will occur as well. It is critically important for you to understand just how this third factor of an imbalance between the macro nutrients in favor of carbohydrates is not only the biggest culprit in causing severe acne, but why it also sets the stage for a life time of early onset, life destroying health problems.


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