Friday, July 5, 2013

CHOCO LADDOOS: (Indian Sweet Dish)


 I bet after eating these choco-laddoos kids won’t demand 4 chocolates as long as you have the stalk of these choco ladoos. Presenting very healthy n yummy recipe and yet very easy to make.
Sooji or Semolina – 2 cup ,
ghee  (Butter)– 3 cup,
powdered sugar- 2 cup,
coco powder -1 cup,
finely chopped cashew-nuts for optional garnishing.
1.     Roast the Sooji or Semolina well , after cooling ,powdered the Semolina  in mixture.

2.     Mix powdered Semolina ,powdered sugar n cocoa powder in a pan.

3.     Heat butter in a pan ,for ¾ minutes.

4.     Pour this hot ghee ,over the mixure of Semolina  ,cocoa n sugar.

5.     Mix it well together n make small  laddoos.

6.     Garnish this laddoos with cashew-nut (optional).

7.     Store it in air tight container, you can either refrigerate this laddoos n can serve chilled laddoo or just eat like traditional ladoos.

Shape this mixture of laddoos like small (good-day)cookies, AND draw a SMILEY face on that cookie with chopped cashew-nuts or with icing balls, kids will love this.s try this recipe for your loved ones.

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